Poor Tebow

This guy woke up sort of happy for the first time in 8 days.  Hooray!
(Deacon, not Evan).

 It has been a long week.  He is still not quite his happy self, but close enough to declare victory.  I don't have the patience, it turns out, for whining, crying and clinging around the clock.  Full disclosure: I'm typing with one hand right now, a crying baby is in my other arm.  Maybe it was too soon to declare victory.  I'm so happy he's feeling better, but I'm quite over it.  

This poor pup is not feeling better.  

My heart is just breaking seeing him in so much pain.  The vet wants us to get an MRI and see about surgery, but I'm just not sure that we're willing to go that route (we had an Xray last week- basically his whole back is bad).  He's on steroids and pain killers and a muscle relaxant.  But he is obviously in a lot of pain (he just yelped when I pet his head a minute ago).  It is making me sick to my stomach to watch him try to hobble, shake in pain and not have control of his bodily functions.

I'm trying to remain optimistic (my last dachshund, Rusty was on his last leg several different times and would pull through) but it is difficult when he is obviously in so much pain.
I feel pretty helpless about the whole thing.  I wish a lot of 
things, but one of them is that this didn't happen right before Christmas. 
No more dachshunds for me, I can't take it.

Oh, also depressing: I graduated from college 10 years ago yesterday.  I'm not sure how that happened.


Bull Elk

Evan finally got an elk tag this year- but not just any tag, a Bull Elk tag in a good unit outside Payson Arizona.  He was on said hunting trip with his dad all last week.  It was a long week for me and Deacon without him, but he had a wonderful time.

And better yet, he got a 4 by!  I have a better picture than this, but I offended some people with his axes deer photos a few years ago, so I'll just stick with the antlers. 

They had to carry Mr. 400 lber out at least a mile.  

The meat is delicious, and I'm so happy he got to go.  The next time, he insists me and Deacon have to go.  We would have loved staying at the cabin, but not the 15 hour drive to get there.

I'm sad to report that Tebow's first experience with a bad dachshund back has happened.  It is so sad and pitiful, and only started last night.  We rushed him to the vet for pain pills, but I'm pretty sure we'll need to go back for something else.  He hasn't left his kennel, and yelps in pain when you touch him.  He is certainly not being his ornery self- and it is awful not to be able to help him.  

It has been a rough week all around, this happy little baby is sick too.  He's had a fever and the snots- we're pretty miserable around here.  I feel like having a sick baby wouldn't be so bad if it didn't come with a heap of worry.  Just dealing with the actual care of him would be fine if I wasn't so worried about him/ wondering if I should take him to the Doctor/ Tylenol now?  When the fever goes up?  Is it up too high?  Is this something serious masquerading as a cold?

When I broke my arm in 5th grade, both of my parents told me they wished they could have the broken arm instead of me- wishing they could take it from me.  I remember thinking that was so weird- why on earth would they wish they could be in that amount of pain instead of me???  But I get it now, it would be so much easier to deal with having whatever it is yourself.  I feel so helpless- and it's just a high fever and runny nose.  

We were going to go see Santa at Bass Pro today with some friends, but instead we're in survival mode!  Rest for everyone!  

Maybe I should take this sick day to put up some Christmas decorations.  Haha, who am I kidding?  


Oh Hay (ride)

At the end of October, we had a fun fall event with our church out at someones ranch in Boerne.  They had a cookout and did a hay ride around their beautiful property.

I completely had a panic attack and embarrassed myself and Evan by stopping the tram, jumping off and running away.  Other than that, we had a wonderful time.

Do you see Deacon's worried face?  He didn't like it either.

It was really really bumpy to where I felt like my back needed shock absorbers.  I was having all these panic flashes of us flying off the end, or of Deacon having brain damage from the turbulence.  Anyway, there were other kids and babies on the ride, but I was the only that panicked and ran.  I was completely trembling, I had that trapped and in danger signal going off in my head.  I hate feeling trapped.

Everyone was nice to me anyway, even though I showed my neurotic card.


Wurst Fest, Round 4

In mid November, we made our fourth annual trek out to Wurst Fest with our friends Christina and Justin.  It is hard to believe we've been chicken dancing in Texas for 4 years now.

Last year, I was too miserable and pregnant to enjoy the beer.  This year was my favorite so far: it was raining so the crowds were way down, and we stayed in a quiet spot instead of in the huge event center with polka blaring.  It was way more my cup of tea... er, beer as it were.  

Deacon loved banging an empty cup around- we have Wurst Fest cups from the last 3 years that he knocks around at home.  So he was a pro.

We had such a fun weekend with  Christina and Justin visiting from Dallas, we miss them!  That weekend went too fast- not to mention November went too fast!  I have no idea what happened.  


Little Turkey

Evan and I got to host Thanksgiving at our house this year.  We had Evan's parents come from Florida, my sister from Arizona, and my late Grandma's china from California.  
(Do you remember a few years ago when I donated my grandmothers china to Goodwill and then changed my mind, cried, "donated" donuts to the nice warehouse workers and got it all back?  This is that china.  After all that trouble, we're using the stuff).

We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Friday.  Although no food is pictured, it was amazing if I do say so myself.  On a whim, I tried a sweet potato souffle at the last minute- some said it tasted like pumpkin pie, but I was tasting creme brule with the crunchy sugary goodness at the bottom of the pan.  It was paleo, so obviously it was a health food.

Deacon has been looking so shocked in photos lately with the flash.  He is the cutest baby anyway.

He was a happy little Turkey and loved seeing his Aunt Rachael.

We ate Mexican food every meal but our Thanksgiving meal.  Fine by me.

Oh wait, we ate BBQ too.  We all made the trek out to Salt Lick- always worth the drive.

Rachael didn't want to take a picture in front of the bbq pit, but I told her it was a mandatory part of her Texas experience.  (What didn't happen for her: seeing the Alamo.  Didn't remember to take her by.  Haha.  Just kidding, we tried and couldn't make it happen).

See, Deacon liked it.

I love having people come to my house and stay with us.  But boy, I am beat!  Our party just ended today, with our last guest heading home this morning.  No time to rest, we now have to start operation "fit back into our pants" around here.  Or I do...


Ventura in the Fall

Ventura, yes, it really looks like this:

Totally unfair to make the rest of the world feel so bad and ugly about itself.  But, we sure enjoyed it while we were there.

We went for almost a week while my mom had a fall break from teaching.  Other than having colds and teething and not sleeping much (Deacon, was on a nap strike) we had a wonderful time.

Deacon loved hanging out on the green grass in the backyard and we all loved being outside.  (My family is known for "patio time.")

We also enjoyed lots of beach walks.  Since Deacon wouldn't really nap, walks either put him to sleep or kept him happy.  We were happy to have grandma take him on lots of neighborhood walks, too.

Evan and I were also able to sneak out for lots of afternoon mini dates.  It was so much fun to feel all young and free!  We got to visit several new (to us) breweries in Ventura which were really great.  We saw tons of people in our age bracket while we were out and I was telling Evan that I don't know where they all were when I lived in Ventura after college.  He pointed out that all the people we were seeing wouldn't have been in my age bracket back then.  I was now old, and so were all the people we were seeing.  Awesome.  But true.

We visited a pumpkin patch for the sole purpose of taking pictures.

 Totally worth it.
My mom found the turkey hat at Target for our little Turkey.  Obviously, it's just about the cutest thing ever.

While there, I turned 32.  We were all going to go out to Wood Ranch (per the usual) to celebrate but my dad caught my cold, and Deacon was a mess, so Evan and I went and brought my parents takeout.  Not the same, but nothing really is anymore!
Anyway, the birthday family pic (in my birthday shirt my sister gave me):

Also while in Ventura, Deacon hit 8 months!

He's so excited about being 8 months that he started clapping a few days ago.


Selfies with Grandma

A few weeks back, we got to have Grandma Debby come visit!  Deacon already misses her gentle hand feeding him banana in the morning.  

Here are a weeks worth of selfies for you.

We went to the Dutchman Family Winery (so much better than I expected): 

Deacon loved the wine.  Okay, he probably just liked the echoey room.

 We also hit up Salt Lick.

You have to take a picture in front of the bbq pit (well, we do at least).

We had a lot of fun, Evan and I got to sneak away for dinner and drinks a few times, and as always, time went too fast.  


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