Our Main Man, Matisse

A few weekends ago, Evan took Deacon and me to the Matisse exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art.  I really like Matisse, and Deacon really liked the museum because it echoed his baby screams so well.  

Deacon did admire the paintings a little (see below) but mostly he played with his keys and shrieked and hollered in an echoey delight.  The other art enthusiasts pretended to be amused.

Afterward, we finally hit La Gloria, which we've been wanting to try for years now- it was as good as the hype.  It was also really loud in there, which is very conducive for good naps, so we mostly got to eat in peace.  We dined with a restaurant full of Matisse attendees, apparently we all had the same good idea.  Then we took a very brief and very sweaty walk by the river (just upriver from the River Walk).

Evan is trying to push his birds out of the nest (me, mostly, but Deacon gets to come too) so we've been doing some more "activities" lately.  I'd be fine to stay at home in my sweatpants until death-do-us-part, but Evan won't have it.  In a few weeks, we are going to join another couple for a Matisse Painting Night (one of those Canvas and Chianti, sip and paint, BYOB art places).  Of course it was Evan's idea, but I'm really looking forward to it.  Matisse seems to be our theme of the summer- minus his love of harems. 


What's in a Name?

As people are still asking about the name Deacon, it has occurred to me that I never really talked about it on here.

Several people have mentioned that they'd never heard the name before, and like I told my mom, "just wait five years; you'll have three Deacons in your kindergarten class."  It's just how it goes, you try to find a unique name, and you end up with trendy-mc-trenderson.  In our Bradley class of 6 couples, there were two Deacons born.  

Besides one Nurse at the hospital, everyone has been really receptive to the name (at least to our face).  The nurse said it made her think of old men Baptist hypocrites.  Fantastic!  I love knowing that, as I'm holding my precious, freshly named 2 day old.  

Boy names were really hard for us.  We have our girl name, and about 10 backups if we are to ever have a girl.  But boys, we could only agree on two names, and Deacon was one of them.  Actually, we had a third name on the list, but we couldn't agree on what we'd actually call him (Wintson: I wanted to call him Winn, and Evan preferred the full thing).  

So, I wasn't lying to all of you, family and friends!  We really didn't know his name.  We knew the middle name would be Daniel, and when he came out looking like a Daniel, we considered just ditching the rest and going with that.  But ultimately, there are so many Dan's in this family, we decided we wanted him to have his own name.  We kept saying our top 2 out loud to this new little baby, and decided he looked more like a Deacon.  Plus we had to get the paperwork filed so we could leave the hospital, so it was about a 15 minute discussion (after months and months of back and forth, of course).  As soon as we wrote it town on the carbon copy paper, we knew it was right.  


How did you think of the name?:  

In college, I heard that Reese Witherspoon named her son Deacon and I thought "you can name a baby that!?!?!  What a great name!"  I've thought of it ever since.  She recently named another son Tennessee, which I also love.  Seeing as I've never even been to Tennessee, I don't think I'll be borrowing that one.  But you never know.

What does Deacon mean?:

It's Greek and means Servant (also, messenger or dusty road).  We liked that it sounded a little country, and a little Biblical.  New Testament chic (I'm making this up now).

What if Deacon wants to be a Pastor or Elder when he grows up?: 

That will be funny.  Pastor Deacon, Elder Deacon, Deacon Deacon.  I was googling "Deacon Daniel" from the hospital, and one man came up- it wasn't his name, it was his title!  

Did you name Deacon after the character Deacon Claybourne from Nashville?: 

Although Deacon Claybourne is a very likable and talented alcoholic on the ABC hit show, Nashville, no, our Deacon is not named after this handsome fictional character.  

Do you watch Nashville?:

Yes, duh.  

Is it okay if I call Deacon "Freakin?"  

No.  I was afraid of nick names, but "Freakin Deacon", "Freaky Deacy" or just plain "Freakin'" did not enter my mind.  Totally missed my radar.  Actually, Freaky Deacy is almost cute.  I know you can't stop the runaway nickname train, I'm just hoping nothing bad will stick permanently.

How popular is the name Deacon?

In 2013, it was #441 in the US, and it's climbing.

And, as Anne says, names are important: "I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose would be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage."


Deacon: 6 Months!

I'm not sure how, but on Tuesday Deacon hit the 6 month mark.  I feel like between 5 and 6 months, more of a little boy appeared.  It is going by so fast, it is a bit unsettling.  In the past six months, as I can literally see the passage of time in Deacon, I've been having something close to a low grade panic attack with life barreling forward: I'm going to be 40 in a second, Deacon will go off to college, I'll be my parents age, and then poof, I'll be in my 80's.  

I realize this is a bit dramatic and I'm trying to tell myself to calm down and enjoy every day and every stage.  But sometimes I can't help myself.

Anyway, enough with my neuroses.  Deacon started taste testing solid food a little after 5 months.  So far he likes: sweet potato, avocado, carrots, rice cereal.  He would rather not eat: green beans, butternut squash, pears.  Today we're going to try banana.  My fingers are crossed.

He can sleep through the night but most nights chooses not to.  I'm ready to let him cry it out- I have been for a while, but that requires everyone in the house to be on board, and so far it's me vs. Evan, Deacon and Tebow.  They all want him to eat so he can be happy and not cry (and so everyone can go back to sleep- except me of course).  I think it will be best for Deacon too, if he can learn to wait until morning to eat.  Sleeping all night is good for everyone, and I'm ready.  It's not unbearable, and I'm not complaining, but I'm ready for him to sleep all night most nights, not occasionally (which started at month 4- apparently 4 month sleep regression is a thing).  We go to the pediatrician tomorrow for the 6 month well check, and I'm hoping she'll agree.

I miss blogging regularly, but I'm afraid in order to get back to it, I'd either need to hire a nanny, forgo sleep or give up exercise.  It is crazy the amount of time such a cute and fun little person sucks up.  I really haven't a clue what we do all day long, but it seems like I rush rush rush and all of a sudden it's 6pm.  Keeping things somewhat cleanish and eating well take a lot of determination these days.  The only chance I have to blog (or do anything else) is during Deacon's long morning nap- and most mornings I race out to the garage, workout, then shower and get ready as fast as I can.  Sometimes I finish getting ready before he wakes up, and sometimes I don't.  Today, like an idiot, I used my rest day to take a walk at the park.  

I was feeling nostalgic and grateful that I finally had this precious baby with me at the park I spent so much time at praying for a baby (hence the pictures) and then, it got too hot.  Tebow laid down and refused to walk, Deacon started crying and his face got all red and hot.  Somehow I got Tebow to run (he wouldn't walk, running seemed exciting) a mile back to the car.  Miserable.  I should have stayed home and painted my nails.  

Deacon is still such a happy boy, which is such a bonus.  He really is the delight of my life.  He makes me simultaneously want to have 4 more children immediately and also not have anymore for years and years so I can have him all to myself.  This does not make sense, I know.  Nor does the push/pull I still feel with wanting him to grow up so we can do more fun things (read Harry Potter, go on hikes, ride Splash Mountain) and also stay a tiny baby forever.  

This blog post by Emily Henderson sums up a lot of my own thoughts on motherhood (if you're interested)- except the part about working, or weeping for the first 4 months.  I didn't weep, I had panic/ anxiety attacks but no real weeping.  Also, her baby is adorable and I feel like he could be Deacon's long lost cousin.  

 We are still having so much fun.  It has been really great to have Deacon reach his little arms out to us- or lunge from one of our laps to the next.  Basically, it just keeps getting better and better.  
Hopefully, I can tell you about all the adventures we've been taking this summer really soon (like, before Christmas maybe)!



I love these pictures.  Deacon has such an easy smile, but this is how I see him a lot of the day; his concentrating face or is cute little profile, always looking around to see what he can see.

I'm pretty sure Deacon has inherited RBF from me (resting bitch face).  But thankfully, unlike me, he is such an easily happy guy with any excuse to smile. 


He loves his daddy (a great reason to smile).  He gets so excited when Evan comes home (me too).

We like stripes, and sitting in the bumbo for about 3 minutes at a time.  He's so funny- he sees the camera and smiles.  It's like, "okay, that white plastic thing will show the world how adorable I am, I must deliver."  And deliver he does.

 In non-baby news, Evan and Dean finished the workbench in the garage.  It looks great and is so functional now.  We'll also be able to take it with us whenever and wherever we move- assuming we'll have a garage.


Deacon: 5 Months!

It is hard to believe we're at 5 months already!  From the beginning, my mind hasn't really gone beyond 5 months, but time keeps on moving, ready or not.

For the record, these pictures are really difficult to take.  I really need an assistant!  You should see the shenanigans I have to go through to get them- and I'm not really looking at the camera when I take them, which is why (I think) most of the pictures are a tiny bit blurry.

I love when he stretched his legs out straight like he's doing below.  He does it nearly every time I change him and I think it's quite adorable.  In the mornings, he'll stretch everything out as far as he can- which is really far.  He's such a long baby.

We are enjoying our summer!  The five month highlights include visiting California, swimming for the first time, (doesn't he look like a little queen on his throne?) discovering Tebow and wanting to pet him, and rolling over.  It's still not as easy for him to go from tummy to back, but he can do it.  He has been going through some cranky spurts in the day where he doesn't want to be put down and doesn't want to be held.  So we're trying out different carrier options.  They seem to work for about 10 minutes.

Evan has had to work a lot this summer, weekends included, so Deacon and I have been visiting him and bringing him lunch on Saturdays.  We love "bring your baby to work" day (but we miss daddy around here!) 

We are still having a lot of fun together.  Deacon is really enjoying "talking" (to me or himself) and touching people's faces, as well as Tebow's face.  He seems to really like men with stubble, but last week he touched a friends face who has a lot of facial hair and he went from smiling to screaming in terror.  Apparently too much facial hair scares him.  It was sad and hilarious all at once

We sure love our happy little guy!


Memorial Weekend in South Florida

Obviously, I'm a few months late in posting these.  It doesn't feel that long ago- and I can't believe how small Deacon looks!  He's grown so much in the last month and a half.

Deacon got to go to Boca to meet his Great Grandma Meme.

We had lunch in her living facility's restaurant, and Deacon got to meet a lot of grandmas who adored him.

But in this family, Evan is the real star of the show (though he'll deny it).

He got to meet his cousins, and his great Uncle Tom and Aunt Carol from Tampa who were in town.

We got to go to the beach, which was super hot so we mostly hid under a tree in the inlet. 

Evan, the hottest hand-holder of two year olds. 

Our little monkey dipped his toes in the beautiful water (he hated it).

There was lots of cousin time with William and Thomas.  Some poked eyes and bonked heads, but fun had by all (I think, or at least they will in the future).

When William is tired, he sleeps.  When Deacon is tired, he screams.  So we had an overtired time at a nice italian restaurant.  

Getting everyone to look at the camera was impossible, grandmothers included (I love all the baby paraphernalia you can see in the background).

We got to slip away for a nice family walk on the beach.

Deacon thought he was all hot in his shades.

There are a lot of men in this family. 

 And this was the very best we could do at a group photo.  Maybe next year.

Deacon seemed to really enjoy all the attention from his Floridian Grandparents!  

 And his favorite Floridian Aunt, Jennifer.

Thanks for having us, Florida family!  


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